Periodic Calendar

Latest files download

Project downloads are available at the Periodic Calendar SourceForge page.

There are different ways to install the Periodic Calendar.

The simplest way will work for most of the MS Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems - download the installation package, save it to local disk and run it. On GNU/Linux systems you'll probably have to add the executable attribute for the file to be able to execute it.

Alternative and harder way is to download pcalendar-XXX.jar file of the most recent version and run it directly. In this case you'll have to create an application icons manually if you like this.

In most cases the application can be started by simple double click on JAR file. If for some reason this does not work try executing command like the following:

  • java -jar pcalendarXX.jar
  • or
  • javaw -jar pcalendarXX.jar
  • Periodic Calendar is a stand-alone application which requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6 or higher. This is a standard component which is included in most of the modern GNU/Linux distributions. You can download Java installer for Windows from the official Java site.

    Old Gtkmm Version files download

    You still can download the previous (gtkmm-based) version of Periodic Calendar 2.x, however this branch will not be developed and maintained further unless someone will volunteer to continue working on this branch.