Periodic Calendar

Installation Instructions

There are standard installers available for Windows and for GNU/Linux which should work in most cases. Please note - these installers do not include the Java Runtime, so before installing Periodic Calendar please make sure you have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6 or higher properly installed and configured.

If the default installers are not working for you, or you are using other operating system, or you prefer to control completely everything on your system - download pcalendar-XXX.jar file and start it directly.

In most cases the application can be started by simple double click on JAR file. If for some reason this does not work try executing command like the following:

  • java -jar pcalendarXX.jar
  • or
  • javaw -jar pcalendarXX.jar
  • Periodic Calendar is a stand-alone application which requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6 or higher. This is a standard component which is included in most of the modern GNU/Linux distributions. You can download Java installer for Windows from the official Java site.

    Application documentation

    The documentation provided here is also distributed with the application packages and can be accessed from the Help menu,

  • English version
  • Ukrainian version